How to Create Temporary Tattoos!

Tattoos are a growing fashion trend, but we all know trends are fleeting and tattoos are, well…painful. So if you’re needing a temporary tattoo for a costume or if you just want to try out a design, here is an easy was to create a temporary tattoo.

What you will need.

  • Carbon Paper
  • Tracing Paper
  • Medical Disinfectant
  • Pencil
  • Cotton Pads
  • Face Paints/ Cosmetic Paints
  • Talc Powder
  • Setting Spray/ Hair Spray
  • Image


  1. First take the image you want as your tattoo and place it over the carbon paper.
  2. Place the carbon paper (shiny side facing down) on top of the tracing paper.
  3. Using the pencil draw over the lines on the image, pushing down heavily. Pencil works better than pen as you can more clearly see where you have already traced.
  4. Once you’ve finished tracing, the image should have transferred onto the tracing paper.
  5. Taking the disinfectant on a cotton pad, clean the area where you want your tattoo.
  6. Place your tracing paper over the area, with the carbon on the skin.
  7. Just like a normal temp tattoo, use the disinfectant on the cotton pad to soak the paper.
  8. Once saturated pull away the paper to reveal the transfer.
  9. From there, fill in and line your tattoo to your liking with whatever cosmetic paint you have on hand.
  10. Once the paint has dried apply talc and brush away.
  11. To set the tattoo use a setting spray or hair spray works just as well. This will ensure your tattoo does not smudge and will make it last several days if handled with care.

To remove these tattoos, use baby oil to break down the paint.

Here is a video I did when I was in college (Several years ago) if you need a visual aid to help you create your tattoo. Click Here.



My Joker in my header image is a wonderful young cosplayer, who I hope to work with a lot more and tell you a lot more about in the future.

I hope you enjoy your tattoos! Let me know how your tattoos went in the comments or on Twitter, just follow the bird.

Ay x

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