The Commando Diet! Yay or Nay?

I would like to start this post by just pointing out I am by  no means a nutritionist or an expert in dieting in any way. These are just my experiences dealing with this diet programme.

The Commando promises to help you loss around a stone of weight in a week. Sounds pretty good right? I thought so too. I always gain weight at the beginning of the summer (from suddenly coming home to Mum’s home cooking) and for the last few years I have followed the Weight Watchers points system to loose the weight; but after seeing this diet I decided to give it a go.

This diet does not give a lot of moving space, as they say any alterations will effect how much weight you loose. But as a vegetarian I was forced to swap the meat for Quorn substitutes. For vegans however, this diet isn’t compatible, and you would ended up swapping all of the main elements of the diet.

With the diet you can only drink water, black coffee or lemon juice (my goodness this was my biggest task as I live off fruit tea and coffee, I cannot stand drinking water.) You can also only dress your salads with vinegar, so no salad cream or French dressing. (You don’t even know how much those two things made a salad until you can’t have them.)

Here’s my day to day diary or what I ate and how I was handling the diet throughout the week.


Day 1

Breakfast – 3 eggs,  Lunch – 3 eggs,  Dinner – 3 eggs.

Hell, no other word for it. I made a huge mistake by having three boiled eggs for breakfast, I was feeling sick within an hour. For lunch I scrambled two eggs and had a pickled egg, the vinegar from the pickled egg was pretty much the only that stopped me being sick. I was dreading dinner and could only stomach pickled eggs. All day I have been caught between hunger, feeling nauseous and not wanting to eat. Very almost packed it all in and had a carbanara!

Day 2

Breakfast – Grapefruit, Lunch – Fresh Fruit, Dinner – Steak and green salad.

Grape fruit has never tasted so good! After an over dose of eggs this was such a relief! Lunch however, was a little less forgiving; on an empty stomach the acid from the fruit once again had me feeling sick and by dinner I was starving (was once again considering throwing in the towel). My ‘steak’ dinner was the nicest meal I can remember ever eating!

Day 3

Breakfast – Grapefruit, Lunch – Fish & salad, Dinner – Lamp chops & salad.

Getting more in the swing of it, really enjoying each of my meals due to how hungry I am when I eat them. Today was the fullest I have felt since starting!

Day 4

Breakfast – Grapefruit, Lunch – Green salad & tomatoes, Dinner – 3 eggs & dried toast.

Struggled with today. Lunch was hard to swallow as the only dressing I had was vinegar. Struggled with the dinner, the thought of eggs made me cringe. Could really feel my blood sugar levels dropping, felt faint, tired and lethargic though out the day.


Day 5

Breakfast – Grapefruit, Lunch – Fish & salad, Dinner – Ham salad & spinach.

Once again enjoyed my food today, not feeling as faint today but still no energy. Realised I am drinking less than 3 glasses of water a day, craving coffee so bad!

Day 6

Breakfast – Grapefruit, Lunch – 3 eggs & dried toast, Dinner – Steak & Green Salad.

I will never eat eggs again after this! All I want is a piece of cake!

Day 7

Breakfast – Grapefruit, Lunch – Fresh Fruit, Dinner – Lamb chops & Salad.

Felt ill again after eating so much fruit on an empty stomach, but enjoyed my dinner. Glad this week is over!



Over all I lost half a stone over the course of this week, which wasn’t the promised stone but was still impressive and faster than any diet I have been on before. That being said this diet is literally starvation and cannot be good for the body; I suffered from low blood sugar, nausea, headaches, lethargy and was overall irritable. I also suffered from dehydration as I physically couldn’t drink enough water to keep myself hydrated.

It has been a week since I finished this diet and I have regained two pounds, so the effects of this diet are not entirely sustainable, even though I have a healthy lifestyle.


If you want to loose weight for an event such as your wedding, then this diet does work. However, the weight can easily be put back on as soon as you begin eating a healthy amount.

All told, I would not recommend this diet; it is not a healthy way to loose weight and I will not be trying it again. That being said, it did remind me how good food could taste when you are actually hungery, so I am now striving to only eat three meals a day and not to nibble in between, which I had a habit of doing.

Have you ever tried this diet? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter, just follow the bird.

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