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I’m a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to Zoella. In fact it’s only in the last year or so that I’ve begun following her work but, so far, I’m impressed by her endeavours. So upon hearing about her latest edition of bath goodies I knew I just had to try them!

I was both blessed and cursed that Super Drug was having a buy 2 get 1 free sale the day I went to pick up my products. Blessed because, as a student, my level of funds is questionable; cursed because every Zoella fan from Swindon  Gloucester had been into the store to purchase 3 or more of the products. But the sun was shining upon me and out of the products left on the shelf were the two products I wanted to try the most. I also picked up a product from the original collection as I’ve never tried any of the products before, so I thought it would be interesting to see if the quality has improved four editions later.

All in all I purchased a bottle of the Bath Latte, the Sweet Inspirations Bath Fizz Bar and the fizz bar from the original collection. (Since I can’t say no to anything that fizzes in bath water.) Combined all the products cost me £11, which is around $15, so straight away I was impressed with the price.


I originally didn’t think this product would last very long, the bottle was not very large and I like to have a lot of bubbles in my bath. I was pleasantly surprised to find the consistency of the latte bubble bath wasn’t watery, infact it was very thick, meaning that it was easy to control how much left the bottle while pouring. I was also happy to find that a couple of blobs of the latte creates a large mountain of bubbles! Therefore, this product should last me a while as I only treat myself to a bath once or twice a week.

This product also smells so good! It is so relaxing to lie in the water smelling the subtle sweetness of the water, The packaging is adorable, it looks like a old school 90’s milk bottle and the label’s beautiful delicate design makes it look very appealing sat on my bathroom shelving.

At £6 this product is worth every penny!

bar1.jpgI have no shame in saying that this is my favourite product! The sweet macaroon scent of these fizzers is addictive. I was smelling the packaging in the car on the way back from town, I couldn’t help myself! The best thing I have found with these is that even after you’ve had a bath the scent of the fizzers remains on your skin for hours.

They are larger than the original fizzers, with twelve squares of the product and I find two squares creates enough scent, so that’s two extra baths! And when you pair one of these squares with a few drops of the latte! Heaven!

Once again the packaging is gorgeous, even if I hadn’t been looking for this product I feel like I would be drawn to it because it is just so pretty. It’s a work of art, I didn’t want to open it. (But I managed because I was too excited to try them out in the bath water.)

At £5 a bar these are a steal! Considering a bath bomb, with a single use, is sold for around £3-5 in places such as Lush, one of these bars will last you a lot longer, even if you use several of the squares at a time. I will definitely be using these bars for my weekly baths, they’re great quality means that I can save some money without having to reduce the luxuriousness of my baths.

bar2Although I prefer the Le Fizz bar, these bath fizzers are also a product I will be re-purchasing. The scent is more floral than the other bar, but not so much that it is over powering.

Once again the scent lingers on your skin hours after your bath, which is very soothing especially if, like me, you have your bath just before you go to bed.

Overall I am very impressed by Zoella‘s bath products. The packaging is beautiful and eye catching, especially the sweet inspirations collection. The products all smell devine and the quality is unquestionable, especially considering the price. I will be most certainly trying more of the Zoella Beauty products as I can get my hands on them. I look forward to seeing what new collections Zoella comes up with next.

Have you tried any Zoella Beauty products? Let me know what you thought in the comments below or on Twitter, just follow the bird.

Ay x

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