Mad Hatter Transformation

I know I’m a bit late to jump on the Alice Through the Looking Glass bandwagon, but I was recently asked by a client to recreate the Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter look. After designing my own design of the makeup, my self and my photographer, EmiBee Photography, decided to do a photo shoot of the look. So I thought I would show you our results and let you know I achieved this look.

We had some drama from the very start! The camera I have always used to film in the past was dead and I had left the charger at my flat in the city! We resolved this by using one of Emily’s cameras that had a good quality recording element. However, she was having similar problems in that her charger had been damaged the previous week by her dog and so we had to rely on the old fashioned way…AA batteries. We had an emergency stash of batteries, the problem was none of them were particularly charged. We ended up filming the makeup application in two minute bursts before the camera would die and we changed the batteries. BUT we finally got there and all things considered I was very happy with how the video turned out. Thankfully Emily had another camera to take the pictures for the photoshoot! Here are our favourites from the finished product.


To begin I primed my face using Barry M Matt Primer. I then used Kryolans Cream Foundation in white, setting it with translucent powder. Using my Real Techniques blush brush I contoured my cheekbones, temples and jawline with Kryolan eyeshadow in Magenta. I used the same eyeshadow and a dome eyeshadow brush to contour the sides of my nose. I did not high light as I find the white foundation creates enough shine on a camera.

For the eyes I used my Real Techniques eyeshadow brush and created a cat eye shape over the lid with Kryolan Blueberry shadow. I then went over the centre of the lid with BarryM loose blue eyeshadow powder; this has a beautiful iridescent finish. On the under eye I used Ben Nye Azalea from the Lumiere Palette. I made sure to leave a small gap directly under the eye so that I could apply the orange from Kryolan Supracolor palette (288). I also applied this carefully to the waterline and continued with the same colour and an angled brush to fill in the brows.

For the lips I placed a layer of Burts Bees Lip Balm to hydrate before filling them in with the pink from the Supracolor palette (R21). To complete the look I used a water based white face paint and a disposable mascara wand to coat both my upper and lower eye lashes.

I then curled my hair my with smallest curling iron and back combed from the roots before adding my hat.

To watch the full application of the makeup check out the video here.


I hope you liked my Mad Hatter Transformation. Let me know if you would like to see more! Let me know in the comments or on Twitter, just follow the bird!

Also a big thanks for Emily at EmiBee photography! She’s currently in the process of setting up her website, but I will link you too it when it’s done!


Ay x


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