June Favourites 2016

It’s been a rollercoaster of a month here in Britain. We’ve had heat waves and hail storms, Brexit votes and even more rain! But it’s not all doom and gloom, I’ve discovered some pretty cool things this month. I’ve broken them down into 8 catagories so I can share my new favourites of this month. … More June Favourites 2016

Acne reality

There is a lot of stipulation about acne. Everyone has their own opinions and theories about what causes breakouts and what can help prevent them. A large majority of the population suffers from acne at some point in their life. With acne comes the ‘advice’, creating a weird game of dermatology whispers, each person’s story … More Acne reality

That Eyeliner Issue

I have to admit, there are days when how my eyeliner turns out determines how well my day proceeds. Creating that perfect wing really does fill me with a sense of accomplishment.  And why shouldn’t it? People have been rocking eyeliner for centuries! From the beautiful Geisha’s of Japan all the way back to 10,000 … More That Eyeliner Issue